Principal Marilyn Anderson brings over thirty five years experience in Business Management, managing the financial affairs of some of the nation’s most respected Corporate Executives and successful actors/actresses in the Entertainment Industry. After getting started in New York, Marilyn moved to Los Angeles, where she managed seminars, concert tours, motion picture logistics, and the improvement and maintenance of personal and real assets, further establishing herself as a reliable resource to creative individuals.

In 2001, Marilyn founded Anderson Financial Management to serve the needs of recognized names in TV/film production, directing, retail, talent management, real estate, law and business. Her commitment is to customize services to attend to each client’s unique needs and goals.

Marilyn has mastered the ability to oversee the big picture, as well as supervise the detailed work of her senior account managers, who are directly involved with their accounts and provide continuing support to their clients’ daily lives.

Each client is given the individual attention of a seasoned manager who serves as the link to a variety of services and expertise provided by AFM and its associates. Through the manager, each client has access to highly qualified specialists including attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, real estate agents, portfolio managers, loan brokers, insurance agents, pension administrators, and many others. Every account manager is responsible for providing their clients with the information needed to maintain control over and knowledge of their finances.

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