ANDERSON FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT is a premier boutique business management firm and advisor to successful individuals and their families, corporations, and partnerships. Since 2001, AFM has established its superior reputation by having an unmatched understanding of its clients’ business and personal needs augmented by deep and long-standing contacts throughout the business sector. Our business management services and attention to detail adds another layer of convenience for our clients. They include, but are not limited to the following:

Private Banking
Set up of all bank accounts, including personal and business checking, savings, high-yield
money market and brokerage accounts
Monthly Financial Statements and Cash Reports
Credit accounts, fixed- and floating-rate loans, lines of credit, mortgages and credit cards
Monthly budget breakdown and monitoring of all credit card charges
Maintenance of construction cost summaries on home improvement or real estate speculation
Purchase and sale of assets
Tax Projections
Year-end tax forms for employees and vendors
Estate Planning
Formation of all corporations, Pension Plans, Trusts and Profit Sharing Plans
Medical Filing and Insurance Claim Submissions
Intermediary services between clients and their respective money managers/stock managers
Coordination of insurance coverage with appropriate agents